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On Time
Optimum support of all customers by reliably committing to delivery dates, even with numerous projects running in parallel
On Margin
See your margin (plan/actual) reflected in your project costing structure on an ongoing basis
On Spec
Plan, execute and document all customer acceptance and other tests
Cash Collection
Maintain a permanent, up-to-date overview of payments due and received from customers
Open Data Structure
Use data pool from all historical projects as master data sheet with export function
Project Sheets
Use simple, consistent Gantt charts and detailed information for each project
Service List
Keep an eye on all deliveries and start-ups in the coming months
Capacity Management
Use excess capacity to smooth out productivity in the forecast period; simulate due dates before committing to customers
Meeting List
Hold efficient project meetings with all information on one page
Wall-to-Wall Margin
Optionally map a two-tier sales structure (e.g. production plant, sales company) and identify the wall-to-wall margin
Holiday Calendar
Record non-working days (e.g. public holidays, company holidays, individual vacation days)
Interactive Installed Base
Use detailed customer and project information as push visualization with roll-over
Mobile Apps
Access flexible and meaningful real-time dashboards for tablet and smartphone
Map company-specific processes & structures (e.g. project steps, costing rates, organizational functions)
Learning Algorithms
Continuously improve performance; make smart use of experience from past projects
Language Versions
Switch to your customer’s native language in case of communication difficulties
Seamless Collaboration
Automatically hide internal information to enable you to share information across companies
User Personalization
Optimize language and screen size to suit user hardware
Use the integrated training mode to learn how to use the Optimizer
Access all projects from any device, anywhere