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License Fee
Price per license per month

  • Optimizer
  • Key functions
  • Reporting
  • Cancel contract at any time (Year 1)
    and pro-rata reimbursement of license costs
  • Visualizer
  • Functional interface
  • Standard dashboards
  • Specific dashboards
  • Service & customizing
  • On-site service within two days (one time)
  • Your own named contact
  • Data migration service
  • Continuous on-site service
    acc. to scope
  • Continuous remote service
  • Response time
  • Transferable licenses
  • Performance review


  • 14d


  • 5d

Business Flex


  • acc. to scope

  • 4d



  • acc. to scope

  • acc. to scope
  • 3d
Professional:115 €
Business:140 €
Business Flex:160 €
Enterprise:220 €
The service contents of the packages are displayed in the desktop view.

All prices subject to statutory VAT, annual invoicing, initial installation of ProMTO® as part of a Project Workout Program.
Minimum term: 12 months at a time; renewal can be cancelled with 3 months’ notice to the end of the contract period.
Price valid in 2HY 2020.

Purchase a License

Purchase price per license: equivalent to 36 months’ license rent

Service support: 30 € per user per month
Customizing: charged according to scope as per separate price quote

Success Fee

IMPREOS® takes responsibility for delivering complex value enhancement projects. We are therefore happy to make our Optimizers available to you within our Performance Programs on a success fee basis (up to 100 percent) upon request. Use of the product and the remuneration to be paid will then be based on the actual ROS uplift that is achieved in accordance with our individual agreement. IMPREOS® is responsible for configuration, customizing, implementation and support.

Δ (Sales x EBITDA margin) x Participation factor = IMPREOS® remuneration

Δ Improvement between the 12-month average prior to project start and the 12-month or 24-month average after project start.

Participation factor: Percentage of the value added (approx. 1.5-5% depending on complexity and company size). Percentage shall be determined and payment made quarterly.

Number of Licenses

ProMTO® enables department licensing. This significantly reduces the number of licenses and thus the costs compared to common collaboration products.

The following guidelines are realistic in our experience:

  • Sales of 1–25M €/year: 1 license for every 1M € of team sales or 1 license for every 8–10 team members
  • Sales of 25+M €/year: proportionately fewer licenses will be required. We will be happy to advise you.

Questions about cost effectiveness?

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